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We invent custom paper so you can wrap responsibly.

Different foods require different packaging. Working closely with you, our team customizes paper to your exact needs, and this means figuring out what barrier functionality your paper package requires.

Barrier properties refer to the ‘abilities’ of the paper – for example, to protect food from moisture, to keep aroma inside, to protect fingers from oil and grease, or to make the package sealable for shelf-life demands. Achieving all these barrier properties means adding protective, smart and bio-based layers and at the same time improving the porous microstructure of the paper. More simply, we adapt the paper to perfectly protect the inside of the package.

And this is what DELSCI does best – designing paper with the right barrier properties whilst also being recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Basically, we invent paper that works harder and smarter than ever before and protects the planet.

Smart Packaging - Oil & Grease Barrier / Water & Vapor Barrier

On the horizontal axis is durability against water & water vapor.
On the vertical axis is durability against oil & grease.

Most plastics offer highest durability in both these categories and sit at the top right. Our ultimate goal is to eventually reach this level with modified paper. We’re researching solutions for high performance barriers against mineral oils, aroma and oxygen as well as functional sealing for paper package. But there is also a lot of room below these hermetic packaging needs for a variety of applications – a role perfectly tailored to paper. Just think about a cheese or meat paper wrapper from your local supermarket.

Stay tuned for our latest news and developments!

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The next evolution of packaging – giving paper superpowers.

Our mission is urgent and clear – we need to act with decisiveness. We welcome any form of collaboration or partnership that will help us in our conjoint mission. If you’re interested in the potential of paper and how it could benefit your business and save the planet, give us a shout and let’s get started. We practice open innovation, so we also invite any potential partners like suppliers to get in touch. We believe in the power of collaboration – let’s team up and give paper superpowers!