We enable your sustainable packaging transformation.

R&D and prototyping the next generation of barrier papers

functional barriers for paper
renewable & recyclable materials
designed for excellent runnability
Protection and Safety of packed goods
lightweight design & construction
full-scale production at delfort
Why We Do What We Do

delsci is a research organisation that invents innovative and eco-friendly paper for food and non-food packaging. We're a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers striving to keep our planet happy by creating smart and sustainable packaging solutions.

Collaboration meets Green-Tech

As a speciality paper manufacturer, our partner delfort has taken great strides in helping drive the shift to paper in many packaging applications.

DELSCI was founded in 2020 to boost development & commercialization of new generations of barrier papers, and we have worked together closely ever since.

We have created a great place to work where we develop solutions by combining knowledge, expertise and creativity. We collaborate to deliver innovative solutions with passion and trust. Are you ready to come along with us on a sustainable journey?

Giving Paper Superpowers

"We modify paper so that it gains all necessary packaging functionality – ensuring the preservation of its contents while still retaining the outstanding sustainable properties of paper" Dr. Johannes Zipfel / Managing Director

Technological advantages

The Packaging Transformation

"At the core of our innovation lie the people who experience our paper products. Learn about our design thinking approach, and how we're using rapid prototyping to kickstart the paper packaging transformation." Herwig Kirchberger / Managing Director

Our Approach

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