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We’re reinventing food packaging by reinventing paper.

DELSCI is a research organisation that invents eco-friendly paper for food packaging. We’re a team of scientists and technologists on a mission to empower people to consume responsibly. This means replacing plastic (wherever possible) with functional paper that works harder than ever before and helps protect the environment and keeps our oceans free of plastic.

Change starts in your local supermarket. It starts in your corner cafe. It may seem insignificant, but a small transformation in the packaging of what people consume can tip the scales on a global level.

We’re setting our long-term sights on flexible packaging – typically resealable bags that keeps food fresh for months. This will require designing paper with superpowers, but this is what we do best.

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Paper-first thinking is planet-first thinking.

Our responsibility to this planet is at the heart of every decision we make, and we’re responding to this pressure by dedicating ourselves to what we do best – creating paper solutions that perform like plastic but protect the environment. We believe in tomorrow, so we’re doing everything we can to ensure the next generation of paper arrives today..

Worldwide up to 8 million tons of plastic waste enter our waters every year. The problem with plastic is that it’s good at its job – it keeps food fresh and doesn’t dissolve. Great for your snack but devastating for the planet.

Our mission is clear and urgent – we need to overcome the culture of single use plastic and provide true paper-based alternatives.

The power of smart paper

5 smart reasons to package in paper.

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The source of paper is produced by nature.

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Waste is reused in the paper-making process.

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Waste can be reused to produce new paper products.

Nr. 4


Paper breaks down to soil in industrial compostation.

Nr. 5


Paper breaks down and totally disintegrates.


Powered by a partnership with delfort.

DELSCI is proud to be the R&D cooperation partner of delfort, the market leader for functional and lightweight speciality paper. This partnership means we have the opportunity to build on delfort’s core competence and leverage centuries of papermaking experience.

We also enjoy access to delfort’s global network of strategic partners, paper mills and paper-converting companies – all of which enable us to drive change in the food packaging industry with revolutionary new paper design. To borrow and adapt from Newton: ”If we can see further than others, it is because we are standing on the shoulders of a giant."

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