We enable your transformation to sustainable packaging

We are a team of scientists, engineers and product developers on a crystal-clear mission – giving paper superpowers that lead a sustainable packaging transformation. We believe in creative collaboration, design thinking, agile development and cross-industry innovation.
Our packaging journey has just begun and we're looking for comrades that can give us the boost to replace non-recyclable packaging materials in even more food and non-food applications.

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      The packaging journey

      Matching our customer's packaging requirements with our internal packaging principles on every aspect of our product design is the guiding principle of our everyday work at DELSCI.


      We can make a difference

      We are thrilled our mission makes a difference. We help reduce waste and minimize carbon emissions.

      We are DELSCI

      We have created a great place to work where we can grow and develop our skills.

      We do

      We act courageously and learn from failures.

      We know how

      We develop solutions by combining knowledge, expertise and creativity.

      We team up

      We collaborate based on trust and transparency.

      We deliver

      We deliver game-changing solutions.

      Different perspectives

      You can't solve problems with the same mindset that created it in the first place.

      We are convinced that multi-disciplinarity and diversity is the key to solving complex problems.

      We believe in the power of DIVERSITY

      #Chemistry #Physics #Engineering #Science #Economy #Bioresources #Paper #Plastics #Metals #Textiles #FMCG #Automotive #Pharmacy #Entrepreneurship #Multiculture

      We are working with Delfort Group

      Creative Collaboration

      "If we can see further, it is because we are standing on the shoulders of our partner"

      (modified quote by Isaac Newton)

      The idea of starting an independent R&D company for the development of sustainable packaging solutions came from the shareholders of delfort group, a recognized leader in speciality papers with over 3.000 employees around the world. Our mission enables us to work scientifically and independently while at the same time being capable of industrializing novel packaging materials hand-in-hand with experienced production teams. This allows both partners to leverage synergies and speed up product development. Creative collaboration at its finest.

      Let's team up!

      Ready to take the next step? Let's connect! Simply shoot us an email & get in touch.