Our approach to R&D for barrier paper

For our next-generation barrier papers, we have designed a market-driven product development process that is based on the principles of design thinking and is executed with agile methodologies.

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      Design thinking & agile development

      We follow a crystal-clear and iterative stage-gate-process to create minimum viable prototypes that can be tested on customer packaging lines before being industrialized.

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      Design thinking

      A non-linear, iterative process that we use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.

      Agile development

      For us, agile development is all about delivering functional prototypes quickly through continuous improvement and constant interchange with relevant stakeholders at every development stage.

      Design thinking and agile development fit together seamlessly!


      Through development sprints, we generate prototypes iteratively, starting from a sheet level in our paper laboratory, continuing to a small reel level in our rapid prototype center, then checking the fitness on a package level in our packaging laboratory before moving to the industrial level.

      Sampling can be performed from any prototype stage if we have the appropriate agreements and contracts in place.

      A unique stage-gate development process


      1. Sheet Level

      In our paper laboratory, we screen different coatings and generate our own formulations on a sheet level using base substrates from our vast paper portfolio from delfort.


      2. Prototype Reel Level

      In our rapid prototyping center, we take the coating formulation to the next level and verify the coatability with different application technologies as well as recyclability.


      3. Packaging Level

      In our packaging laboratory, we first create packages with reel prototypes and verify the runnability on state-of-the-art packaging lines as well as shelf-life performance.


      4. Industrial Level

      Our upscaling & implementation team ensures that the developed barrier solutions will be seamlessly handed over to our partner delfort's production teams.

      Design Guidelines




      Designed for lightweight & minimal material usage



      Designed for functionality, reliability, and convenience



      Designed for recyclability in the paper waste stream



      Designed for maximum renewable material content

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